hypnolates®: a fusion of mind and body through pilates and meditational hypnosis

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Hypnolates is a holistic art that “connects mind, body & spirit”, develops a positive energy balance, correct poster, revitalises, refreshes the mind and elevates the spirit to your higher self.

Allow  yourself to transform your Weight, Body, Fitness, Mind, Spirituality and…Your Life, with a fusion of mind and body through Pilates and Meditational Hypnosis.


Susana Lopez TV Interview in The Cath Vincent Show:
Wake Up Your WOW!
Workouts for Women  Lose weight, feel and look  good
with Hypnolates ®

Some of the benefits of Hypnolates® are as follows:

• It connects mind, body & spirit

• Gives you flat stomach, weight loss & weight management

• Improves self-confidence

• Vaporizes self-sabotage

• Improves your strength and flexibility

• Improves your posture & reduces back pain

• Helps you to feel and look good

• Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety

• It offers energy clearing & emotional healing

• Helps you to feel happier in your own body

This Core Exercise can relieve lower back pain, strengthening the abdomen muscles and training the deep muscles of the core & back to a healthier state.

Pilates by www.susana-lopez.com

Workouts for Women Lose weight, feel and look good with Hypnolates®
by Susana Lopez (Author) 2014 Paperback $ 27.63

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It is the highest desire of the author that you really enjoy your fantastic and beautiful journey in life.

This book is about helping women discover they can blossom – at any age – from the inside.


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This lower body Exercise can relieve lower back pain, help to get more flexibility in the hips and back as well as improve posture.


“Susana’s holistic approach to training, training both the mind and body enabled me to achieve maximum results. Susana has taken my fitness and body shaping to the limits past what my mind would allow. Susana’s training techniques and her motivation are the best I have encountered.” RT  Scarborough, Perth, AU

“When I first met Susana, I felt my health was at an all time low… I experienced headaches , gained weight and felt generally unfit. Following our weekly session I managed to change my diet, reduce the numbers of headaches and felt I had gained control of my life again. Now four months later I have lost 5kg and I maintain healthy life choices”. BC  Perth, AU

“I have never experienced anything like this.Thank you so much”. TN Perth, AU

“I was ready for some time to let go of some of my “emotional baggage “. I would work at it by myself on a conscious level daily. This helped me to become more self-aware.  I released certain perceptions and core beliefs that I could not just be ignored, wished away or fought with. Susana is highly intuitive. Working with her I was able to find, name and reconstruct some of these thoughts and feelings in a nurturing space. I was left feeling cleared, re-focused and ready to follow a new direction in my life”. SH  Switzerland

Now I feel… “Fabulous! It’s made a big difference”
My Results include… “Improved strength, tone, fitness and 4 kg in weight loss” KD East Vic Park, Perth, AU

“Susana was amazing and really helped me sort out some emotional issues – I can’t thank her enough!”.  JD Floreat , Perth, AU

Now I feel… “Very motivated, in control of my health”
My Results include… “better organized at home more exercise regularly, better eating habits” MC Floreat, Perth, AU

Now I feel… “Peaceful, strong, clear”My Results include… “Positive sense of direction – clear goals” SS Perth, AU

Now I feel… “Positive that I can embrace eating, exercise and internal dialogue that support my new self-image.
My Results include… “Forgiving myself, letting go of others negative opinions of me, feeling more positive, learning to rise up out of a problem and reframe it positively.” PZ Perth, AU

I have better “core strength and quite relaxed after each class.”
My results include… “Firmer stomach, better posture” SH Perth, AU

I feel “Very aware of improvement in my physique. I really enjoy how the teacher personalizes each exercise to each individual in the group.” PI Perth, AU

I feel “Top Notch. 8 weeks later and I have 10cm more flexibility in my hamstrings!”My Results include “Better core strength & less cramps in my hip flexors!” JK Perth, AU

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Lose weight, feel and look good with Hypnolates®
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