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Susana Lopez has 19 years of experience in health and fitness industry and coaches her clients in the holistic art of body, mind and spiritual living.

She has conduct more than 12,000 classes and assisted and motivated more than 180,000 participants.


The ideas and method of hypnolates that she uses also helps in improving self-confidence and reduces the feelings of depression as well as anxiety, energy clearing and emotional healing.


Susana is coach, holistic healer, natural author and speaker among others. She helps women to live better and successful live by getting fit physically, spiritually and mentally.


Hypnolates 1on1
  • 60 minutes session $165.00
  • 90 minutes session $247.00

Hypnolates small groups

  • 90 minutes master class or workshop $300.00 ( minimum 6 participants, $50 per participant maximum 10 participants )

To get more information & made a booking
Send a text message:
0011 61 (Australia) 0424 261 303

Susana Lopez TV Interview in
The Cath Vincent Show: Wake Up Your WOW!

Workouts for Women Lose weight, feel and look good with Hypnolates® by Susana Lopez (Author) 2014
Self Discovery TV with Kelly Sayers









  • Lose Weight
  • Feel and Look Good
  • Energy clearing
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Reduce dress size
  • Maintain your ideal weight
  • Get back in Control
  • Increase Motivation
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Vaporize Self-Sabotage
  • Improve Self -Confidence
  • Emotional Healing
  • Find the real You
  • Increase Intuition


This exercise help to tone up legs, butt and can reduce hip tension and help to improve the knee alignment.

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  • “Susana’s holistic approach to training, training both the mind and body enabled me to achieve maximum results. Susana has taken my fitness and body shaping to the limits past what my mind would allow. Susana’s training techniques and her motivation are the best I have encountered.” RT  Scarborough, AU
  • When I first met Susana, I felt my health was at an all time low… I experienced headaches , gained weight and felt generally unfit, Following our weekly sessions I had managed to change my diet, reduce the numbers of headaches can felt I had gained control in my life again. Now four months later I have loosed 5kg and I maintaining healthy life choices. BC  Perth, AU
  • “I was ready for sometime to let go of some of my “emotional baggage “. I would work at it by myself  on a conscious  level daily,  this helped to become more self aware.  I  released  certain perceptions and core beliefs that I had  could not just be ignored ,wished away or fought with . Susana is highly intuitive, working with her I was able to find, name and reconstruct some of these thoughts and feelings in a nurturing space. I  was left feeling cleared, re-focused and ready to follow a new direction in my life” . SH  Switzerland


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