EOFY Recharge Your Mind, Body and Spirit


EOFY Recharge Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Event on July Saturday 23rd


Special FREE CLASS of HYPNOLATES at 9.30am!

Susana Lopez. Self Discovery TV Hosted by Kelly Sayers, November 2015

We are so thrilled to announce that Susana M-Lopez will be facilitating a FREE CLASS of HYPNOLATES at 9.30am! This class is a Fascinating mix for your mind & your body thought Pilates and Meditational Hypnosis, come to experience a 60mins Hypnolates®  class and feel Hypnolates® Participants are recommended to bring, a yoga or Pilates mat, towel and water bottle with comfortable active wear.

Please book your FREE SPOT by commenting below this post. Hypnolates® is a holistic art that “connects mind, body & spirit”, develops a positive energy balance, corrects posture, revitalizes, refreshes the mind and elevates the spirit.

Susana has launched her New Inspiring Book titled – ‘Workouts For Women – Lose Weight, Feel And Look Good With Hypnolates’ in NEW YORK “I CAN DO IT “ Hay House Conference The book would be helping readers in improving the physical appearance of their body, mind’s perspective and emotional self among others. The Teacher / Trainer  has used her experience, intuition, sensitivity, compassion, creativity and thoughtfulness as well as influential strategies and methods to help others.

Susana has 19 years of experience in health and fitness industry and coaches her clients in the holistic art of body, mind and spiritual living. She has conduct more than 12,000 classes and assisted and motivated more than 180,000 participants. The ideas and method of that Susana uses like Hypnolates®  also helps in improving self-confidence and reduces the feelings of depression as well as anxiety.

The book helps in energy clearing and emotional healing, helping women to live better and successful live by getting fit physically, spiritually and mentally.

If you like information about Susana’s programs
visit www.susana-lopez.com



Allow yourself to transform your Weight, Body, Fitness, Mind, Spirituality and…Your Life, with a fusion of mind and body through Pilates and Meditational Hypnosis.


“The sessions with Susana are magical. I was amazed at what we uncovered together and was able to move forward in a totally different way so that I could be free from the constant pain in my upper back and neck when I saw the issues that my body was attempting to get me to “see”. Susana is very insightful in her work and is gentle, caring and powerful”. DB  Sydney, AU

“I have never experienced anything like this.Thank you so much”. TN Perth, AU