angelic spiky ball

angelic spiky ball
perfect energy balance – technique

Imagine that you have the most beautiful established garden, with your favorite plants and flowers, but you can not see the beauty because there are too many weeds in the way. One day, you wake up and decide that it’s time to clean up the garden and you cut the weeds one by one. After a full day of cleaning you can now see the beauty of the flowers and plants.

You realize that not long after ward’s  the weeds are growing back again, you need to pull the weeds from the roots …

This is  were “Angelic Spiky Ball” can help you, find the root cause of the things that don’t let you see the perfect & beautiful you.
Helping you let go of the root cause, in the most angelic & effective way.


Pain, unresolved emotional memories & events are closely related with each other.
“Angelic Spiky Ball” will allow you to experience an amazing feeling of freedom and peace while you can release muscular pain, burning sensations, cramps, old injury pains, tension, stress,self sabotage, and other negative emotions from your body, mind & spirit.


  • The sessions with Susana are magical.
    I was amazed at what we uncovered together and was able to move forward in a totally different way so that I could be free from the constant pain in my upper back and neck when I saw the issues that my body was attempting to get me to ‘see’. Susana is very insightful in her work and is gentle, caring and powerful.
    DB  Sydney, AU
  • At first I was a bit skeptical about how a little spiky ball could really help with the pain I was feeling in my body. After my first session with Susana & the spiky ball, I was amazed at how much of a change I felt throughout my whole body. The spiky ball is like magic in the hands of Susana & her amazing ability to heal. BJ Brisbane, AU
  • Susana was amazing & really helped me sort out some emotional issues – I can’t thank her enough!”.
    JD  Floreat – Perth, AU
  • “I never had experience nothing like that” “Thank you so much” . TN Perth, AUangelic spiky ball 1

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