Susana Lopez TV Interview in
“The Cath Vincent Show”
Wake Up Your WOW!


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Susana Lopez TV Interview in The Cath Vincent Show:

Wake Up Your WOW!
The Cath Vincent Show – 7.30pm tonight on Sky’s Face TV (Channel 83).
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Conscious Living Expo Susana Lopez. Self Discovery TV Hosted by Kelly Sayers November 2015

This Breathing Exercise can  relieve asthma, help to reduce neck & shoulder tension and training the deep muscles of the core, Enjoy.

IMG_0290_2It’s November 2015 in New York and I feel really happy and proud to have made a positive contribution and life changes in mind, body & spirit for more women that I had never though was possible

Thank you for coming to my book signing at
“I Can Do It” in New York, Hay House/Balboa press event

I’ll always hold you to a higher vision, allowing the positive energy flow within you. One part of me will always be with you. In my visualisations I’ll send you the motivation of action and attraction to increase your positive energy, your inner love, intuition, self-steam, confidence, beauty, strength, success and even more momentum towards what your heart truly desires.

Take care, feel the love and keep fit, there is an amazing world out there waiting for you to shine!

With love & light

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Workouts for Women Lose Weight, Feel and Look
Good with Hypnolates

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