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First thing, I want to congratulate you for being attracted to this book, It is my highest desire that you really enjoy your fantastic and beautiful journey of life.

Second thingbefore starting this book; I want you to ask yourself, what is your purpose? What do you really want from this book? I want you to be really clear on what you would like to get from reading this book! You will be nicely surprised how this book will talk to you and improve your overall condition. It will also improve your physical body, your mind’s perspective, your emotional self and will help to give you what you’re really searching for.

English is my second language so keep your mind and heart open because, I’ll try to share my knowledge the best I can as there is something in this book for every woman.

It is my purpose with this book to help others like you & me, to remember that there is only one essential truth; the mind, body and the spirit are all One! – the mind, body and spirit need to work together to become One. So now you can choose to let in the One and let them work together so you can experience the most beautiful and amazing rewarding life.

It takes only one moment, a picture or a thought to feel good and happy in your own skin. It will be wonderful that you can share the message in this book along with your personal discoveries, with everyone that you love, trust & admire.

You can experience and accomplish an amazing life. You are unique as you are, even if you’d like to change your weight, your body shape and size. You will always be perfect the way you are, in your mind & body. You are Energy and the Energy will be always be running perfectly free in life.

I want you to remember what you do really want from the journey of reading this book. Whether you are at the beginning or at the end of your weight loss, fitness, mind, body & spiritual journey you will be able to remember what you are here for. Something special to you and the people around you, that special something can be to have a beautiful life.

It’s never too late, too early, you will never be too old or too young. You will never have too much or not enough time, be too feminine, too masculine, too busy or too bored, too strong or too weak, too fearful or too courageous, to show to your friends, family, co-workers and yourself, who you really are. You are much more that what you can see with human eyes. Much more than you can feel or perceive about yourself.

Your wonderful life is just starting, there are so many more amazing things to achieve and discover. There is more life waiting for you to see, to love, success to accomplish, love to share, moments to enjoy with your friends & family, much more energy that will give you the passion that you need, to relax, to be at total peace, more places to experience, friends to meet, happiness to share, people to help, things to make, healing to occur and more of you to be free and shine more than ever before.

Now you are in the perfect place; you are safe, secure and loved by the perfect “You”. Any possible fear has become courage and that courage is now your fuel to show to yourself,  and if you choose… even to the world: how wonderful you really are. And now I will show you two things to make your beautiful mind, body & soul connected. One is Pilates and the other Meditational Hypnosis.Enjoy this book… it was created just for you.

Allow  yourself totransform your Weight, Body, Fitness, Mind, Spirituality and…Your Life, with a fusion of mind and body through Pilates and Meditational Hypnosis.Discover the secrets of the mind; relax and develop a powerful sense of self motivation, feel compelled to achieve your goals. Sinking into a trance-like state will help to boost your unconscious, release unwanted baggage, and move towards the best possible life.

Hypnolates® is a holistic art that “connects mind, body & spirit”, develops a positive energy balance, corrects posture, revitalizes, refreshes the mind and elevates the spirit to your higher self. Some of the benefits of Hypnolates® are as follows:

  • It connects mind, body & spirit
  • Gives you flat stomach, weight loss & weight management
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Vaporizes self-sabotage
  • Improves your strength and flexibility
  • Improves your posture & reduces back pain
  • Helps you to feel and look good
  • Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety
  • It offers energy clearing & emotional healing
  • Helps you to feel happier in your own body




This book is dedicated to Women who have ever thought they were not good enough.

It is the highest desire of the author that you really enjoy your fantastic and beautiful journey in life.

This book is about helping women discover they can blossom
- at any age – from the inside.

Most people only see themselves from the outside, but you can see and feel from the inside, because you are…a beautiful body and a beautiful life.

This book will show you how to achieve what you want from the inside.

Workouts for Women with Hypnolates is more than just about losing weight or fitness, exercise or detox. It’s about having a beautiful world (YOU) from the inside and what the feeling of being fit and healthy can do for you.

The exercises and techniques in this book will help you to remember that the mind, body and the spirit are all one – working together for the experience of the most beautiful and amazing rewarding life. This book will show you that you are perfect the way you are. After a few chapters you will remember that you are much more than what you can see with your physical eyes. Much more than you can feel or perceive about yourself.

The pages in this book will bring you to your perfect place; feeling safe, secure and loved by the perfect ‘You’. Any possible fear can become courage and that courage can be the fuel to show yourself, if you choose…to the world, how wonderful you really are. Those extra kilos/pounds on your body don’t belong to you anymore. You can lose weight and stop covering yourself with extra pain, body fat, injuries and illness.

Enjoy this book… it was created just for you. You now have two things to see, your beautiful mind, body and soul connected. The first is Pilates and the other is

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