Workouts for Women Lose weight, feel and look good
with Hypnolates
by Susana Lopez (Author) 2014 Paperback $ 27.63

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Click on the book cover to purchase a copy from Amazon.com: Paperback $ 27.63


Workouts_for_Women_Cover_for_KindleThis book is dedicated to Women who have ever thought they were not good enough.

It is the highest desire of the author that you really enjoy your fantastic and beautiful journey in life.

This book is about helping women discover they can blossom
- at any age – from the inside.

Most people only see themselves from the outside, but you can see and feel from the inside, because you are…a beautiful body and a beautiful life.

This book will show you how to achieve what you want from the inside.

 Workouts for Women with Hypnolates is more than just about losing weight or fitness, exercise or detox. It’s about having a beautiful world (YOU) from the inside and what the feeling of being fit and healthy can do for you.

 The exercises and techniques in this book will help you to remember that the mind, body and the spirit are all one – working together for the experience of the most beautiful and amazing rewarding life. This book will show you that you are perfect the way you are. After a few chapters you will remember that you are much more than what you can see with your physical eyes. Much more than you can feel or perceive about yourself.

The pages in this book will bring you to your perfect place; feeling safe, secure and loved by the perfect ‘You’. Any possible fear can become courage and that courage can be the fuel to show yourself, if you choose…to the world, how wonderful you really are. Those extra kilos/pounds on your body don’t belong to you anymore. You can lose weight and stop covering yourself with extra pain, body fat, injuries and illness.

 Enjoy this book… it was created just for you. You now have two things to see, your beautiful mind, body and soul connected. The first is Pilates and the other is Meditational Hypnosis.






Click on the book cover to purchase a copy from Amazon.com: Paperback $ 27.63

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